Titles Available for Purchase

  • Animal Behavior - The Series

    13 videos  |  Rent $2.99

    “My cats are trying to kill me.”
    It’s one of the first things you’ll hear the frazzled cat owner Jon say as he confesses his fear.
    And his friends all laugh. But his cats, the charming and mischievous Tugger, and clueless kitten Ripper have planned to do away with him.
    Why? Well Tugger is in ...

  • The Risley Brothers - The Complete Collection

    11 videos  |  Rent $5.99

    Join Wes and Quig Risley in their bar, The Wooden Beaver!
    Included in this package is the entire ten episodes of "The Risley Brothers" series, and the short film "The Risley Brothers: Welcome To The Wooden Beaver"

  • Graveyard Gil Presents: The Jungle Man

    1 video  |  Rent $1.99

    Join your favorite ghoulish TV host as he presents "The Jungle Man": A bloody bizarre short film about an odd man who lands in 1989 Elmwood via his Lunar Egg and begins to attack anyone who crosses him! Can Kerry, Billie and the rest of their friends survive this crazed creature?!

  • Paper City Burnout - From Diabolical Films

    1 video  |  Rent $1.99

    A family facing the challenges of addiction becomes entangled in the web of a small town criminal organization. Their struggles mount as circumstances conspire against them, pushing them toward a dramatic climax from which no one will emerge unbroken.

    From Diabolical Films.