Watch Animal Behavior Episode 12

Watch Animal Behavior Episode 12

Animal Behavior Episode 12

The "BERNICE, TOO" Package • 5m 1s

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  • Animal Behavior: The Santa Trap

    Jon believes his cat, Tugger, is in love with his girlfriend, Brie... And that he's trying to kill him. With the help of Ripper, Tugger is scheming to prove Jon right, even if his fool proof plans are anything but.

  • The Risley Brothers: Welcome to the W...

    "The Risley Brothers: Welcome to the Wooden Beaver" is the story of the 2nd day of Quigly and Wes Risley's attempt at reopening the bar they inherited from their grandfather, and the characters they encounter.

    (Suggested Rating: TV-14 for some language and adult situations, involving puppets)

  • The Risley Brothers Episode 1

    Curiously daft customers, a surgically enhanced waitress, and Schmutsy... Just another day for Quigly and Wes Risley at their bar, The Wooden Beaver.